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By: puteh ugly

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Happy birthday to you.....I HATE YOU!!Muahahaha

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Cameron Highlands!!

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These photos were taken during my holiday to Cameron Highlands. It was the greatest holiday I had with my family, Mak Ani and Abah El. We went there for 3 days and 2 nights. My family stayed at Sri Intan, Cameron Highlands while Mak Ani and Abah El stayed at Merlin Hotel.

The holidays were fully sponsored by my eldest sister. That was the first time we all went to Cameron Highlands. On the first day, after having our lunch, me and my sisters went out to go for a spin at the Cameron Town. The town is not too big like KL but it’s just a small town or in other words is like a ‘pekan koboi’. The weather there was always cool. No wonder there is no air-conditioner at the hotel, even at the house. We went to lots of interesting places such as Roses Garden, Strawberries Park, Pasar Tani & Malam and Tea Farm.

At the Roses Garden, there are many types of roses, flowers and plants. Flower lovers like my mum and sister, got excited and crazy with the beautiful roses. I’m not really keen because I am not a flower lover. Besides that, you can also see many type of cactus with different patterns there. I was very shocked with the unbelievable pattern and the entire cactus is bigger than me! (Felt like the entire cactus going to eat me alive!!). Usually I only see the small type, and not the giant ones. Strawberries Park is also a nice place to visit. Some park, they offer self-plucking services. So, those who want to try to pluck it by yourself can try your experience there. I really enjoyed with the strawberry milk shake at the park. It tasted so sweet and good! The drink only cost RM 3 each.

Those who want to buy fresh vegetables and fruits; they can go to the Kampung Baru Kea Farm. Kea Farm is just like a Pasar Tani but they don’t sell fish, meat and chicken. All the vegetables are very fresh and the prices are also reasonable. But if you are good in bargaining, you will get the supplies much cheaper than the usual price and if you are lucky, they will give some vegetables for free. Oh ya, I almost forgot to promote the jagung madu and keledek madu there. If you plan to go to Cameron, I suggest that you must buy jagung madu and keledek madu. Believe me, the taste are really sweet and delicious. You will not regret buying them!

I fell in love when I went to the Tea farm (“BOH TEA CENTRE”). The air is very fresh and the scenery of the farm was beautiful. I thought it’s just a small farm but I’m quite surprised the farm is much bigger than what I thought. Visitors can also have a look on how to process the tea. Besides that, you can also have a cup of tea at the Boh Tea Café while enjoying with the beautiful scenery. Not just having tea but maybe you can try to have a taste of the strawberry pie there.

Okay friends, that’s all from now. Don’t forget to bring along your camera too because there are a lot of beautiful places to capture into photos.

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My first assignment! - Kak Jaja's wedding ceremony (27.8.05)

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In this entry, i will show you all, my first assignment as a photographer for Kak Jaja's wedding ceremony.I was bit shocked and didn't have enough confidence at first with Kak Jaja's request. I was afraid I couldn't give them the best result as i'm not very good in completing the job. Frankly speaking, it took me quite some time to think about it...hahaha...but after having some discussions with my parents and some of my friends, they advised and fully supported me to go and try.
I was totally enjoying myself at the wedding ceremony. Kak jaja is a very friendly, kind and sporting person, the same goes to her husband. Besides, the both families looked friendly and cheerful. So here, I would like to thank Kak Jaja and her husband for giving me the trust and chance to be your wedding photographer even though i'm not good enough. I also want to apologize if you are not statisfied with my work. Well, I hope to hear comments from you all later.

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Aksi photographer..haha

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Okeh..ini sambungannya. I will upload more soon...

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Aksi pengantin di Johor

1..2..3.. mula :P
control ;;)
erk..mcmne nak pakaikan?
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Okeh..nih sambungan drpd semalam.Di ambil semasa hari pernikahan mereka.Next entry saya akan upload gambar masa hari persandingan mereka.

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